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US Rapper Shimmy Choo interview with tcbents @shimmychoo_ @tcbents

The Name Is SHIMMY CHOO, And His Movement Is #3COMMA The Young Star Is Rising And Has The Streets Buzzing All Over NYC. SHIMMY Represents The Streets And The Young Kings In It.


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TCB ENTS caught up with US female rapper Lana Taylor has she reveals a allstar line up of who she has collaborated with, appearing on the US hit show The American Crime Story, The People v O.J. Simpson, what UK artists she is listening to and much more.


TCB: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?


LT: I’m LanaTaylor born and raised in LA. I Rap & Sing.


TCB:  How long have you been rapping for?


LT:  For about five years now.


TCB:  What made you want to be a rapper?


LT:  Well I used to be in a girl group that was really my first experience with being in the music industry. When that didn’t work out I kind of took a break and later on I got into writing raps and he just took off from there.


TCB:  Can you tell us about some of your achievements so far?


LT:  I feel like I’m making progress every day but I have had some cool experiences with collaborating with artists like Kendrick Lamar , Trinadad James A$AP Rocky. I’m still a newcomer to the music industry because I’m just putting out original music this year.


TCB:  Loving your track Medalin, how did the collaboration with King Chip come about?


LT:  Chip , he’s a friend of mine and we are connected prior to that I did something on his “CleveLAfornia” album the intro track “Headed West” . Chip is like a brother to me he has a very cool spirit so when I played in the record he loved it and he was down to get on it , it was just pretty organic.

TCB:  I noticed you appeared on American Crime Story, The People v O.J. Simpson.

how was that experience?


LT:  That was a fun experience it wasn’t really a big part but I eventually do want to get into more acting.


TCB:  Have you had any previous acting roles?


LT:  Not any real big parts I used to be on MTV’s Wild’n Out as a Wild’n out girl for 3 seasons and we would do different little skits and things like that every now and then on the show .


TCB: What artists are you listening to right now?


LT:  Currently in rotation I’ve been listening to a lot of Tame Impala , Unknown Mortal Orchestra , Tyler the Creator & Stevie Wonder my mood vibe changes I go through these waves of just listening to certain people.


TCB:  If you could work with any other artist who would it be?


LT:  Pharrell , Stevie Wonder or Tyler the Creator . Anyone of those guys would be awesome to work with because they all remind me of each other they all play the piano and I just love great musicians.


TCB:  What advice would you give to people who want to do what you’re doing?


LT:  Keep working on your craft every day and never give up even when people don’t believe in you ,you have to always believe in yourself.


TCB:  Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s?


LT:  Making more music performing in different countries and making money doing it.


TCB:  What have you got coming up, shows, EPs, mixtapes etc?


LT:  Currently I’m releasing the singles but there will be a project coming soon if not spring then summer.


TCB:  How can people contact you, website etc?




TCB: Are you listening to any artists from the UK?

LT:  I’ve gotten more into listening to grime music I like listening to Little Simz, Novelist, Skepta & Chipmunk .


TCB:  Any plans to come to the uk?


LT:  I was in London back in January but I plan to come back soon.

DDark Interview with TCBENTS @DDarkonline

DDark is a British rapper & producer. DDark is an eclectic artist specializing in a range of genres, from: Hip-Hop, R&B, Grime and Dubstep, to Funky House, Electro and Pop. From as early as five years old, DDark’s passion for music evolved as he began to play musical instruments such as the piano and guitar. Shortly after DDark’s urge to blast through the music scene, DDark featured in a number of well-established pirate radio stations: Mistiq Fm, Heat Fm, Raw UK, Jam Hot and De Ja Vu (just to list a few). Once DDark’s exposure had reached its high, global, world- wide-known stations and DJ’s such as, BBC 1xtra’s DJ Cameo, DJ Semtex Marian Hoobs, DJ Logan and Kiss FM, where keen to have DDark feature on their shows.

Isaiah Dreads Interview talks about new MixTape Lights Turn Green @IsaiahDreads

TCB once again Caught up with Rapper Isaiah Dreads, Dreads talks about his new MixTape “Lights Turn Green”, he also talks about making beats and much more.

TCB ENTS Interview with Singer and performer Tee Bello @teebello

TCB Caught with Singer Songwriter and performer Tee Bello.
Tee talks about what made him get into music and much more.

TCB ENTS Interview with Singer Songwriter Purdy @PurdyMusicTv @SpacePromotions

Purdy’s distinctive, sultry singing
and songwriting skills have led to collaborations with grammy winning producer Andy Wright and Jamiroquai’s producer Matt Johnson.

Kyle Lettman interview with TCB ENTS talks about his new EP Under Construction @kylelettman @tcbents

TCB caught up with the talented singer songwriter Kyle Lettman.
Kyle talks about his EP Under Construction.
Kyle Lettman is an ex Fundamental member who was signed to Ne-Yo’s Compound Music, working alongside him and the likes of superstar Mary J Blige. Kyle’s songwriting ability as well as singing are incredible too, and has led to him writing alongside artists such as Frank Ocean, Ne-Yo, Nicole Sherzinger, Kele La Roc, Varren Wade and many more. After the group split Kyle became a solo artist and now is on to his second strong EP which he says “The EP takes memorable elements of the past to construct the future”.

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