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AR15 Concret Jungle Album review


Alwayz recordings is one of the most successful independent record labels in the UK urban music scene, helping the rise of many UK artists such has Chip, Wretch 32 and Paigey Cakey along with numerous other acts.
They have come together alongside GB records to create an album that best describes the reality and struggles not only of the artists on this album but most of the youth growing up in London today.
This album starts with the banger “Can’t see me again” featuring grime heavyweights Skepta, Bashy and Kano and is one of the albums stronger tracks. Other stand out tracks from the album are “Out In The Jungle” and “Trappin Aint Dead” featuring the exciting and fresh Section Boyz which made it to the 1xtra playlist and the video clocking up over a million views on youtube.
The album does produce a few somewhat mellow tracks like “Amen”, “We Pray”, “Never Gonna Stop” and “Running Away” but yet still maintaining it’s gritty and edgy theme to the project.
This album flows and gels very nicely indeed which enables the listener to listen to the entire album effortlessly.
The meshing of the artists on each track was done fantastically as no artist didn’t seem out of place, the chemistry between the artists is evident to see.
Some cynics might say this album glorifies drugs, crime and violence but each artist is just portraying there own experiences about the concrete jungle they resided from.
Every emcee contributed to this gritty and dark album immensely making this one of the stand out releases of the year and a must listen to any fan of the UK urban music scene.

YG – My Krazy Life

The emergence of west coast hiphip is most definitely on the rise and it won’t be long until the sunshine state will once again rule hiphop just like they did during the Deathrow era and one MC by the name of YG who is part of this wave of MC’s coming out of the west coast is certainly playing his part in the uprising.

YG’s “My Krazy Life” from the get go has that classic west coast feel to it, YG and DJ Mustard who produced a majority of the album do a very good job of recreating that late 90’s gangster music vibe even sampling the Dogg Pound’s “Lets Play House” in “Do It To Ya”.

The album gives you an insight into the life style and culture of growing up in the hood in LA from gang banging to robberies to being locked up, losing friends to the streets you name it YG talks about it and with that being said you can expect some hard and gritty bars from YG like” “I don’t wanna hurt nobody just wanna party, but I beat the f*** outta va n****” in the hook for “I Just Wanna Party”.

My Krazy Life is very much a street album but with tracks like “My N****” featuring Young Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan and “Who Do Ya Love” featuring Drake have proved to be crossover successes.

YG shows his appreciation for his mum in “Sorry Momma”, it’s an apologetic track talking about the stress and pain he caused his mum when growing up.

Overall this is a sound album which paints a vivid picture about LA street life, this is gangster music at its finest.


Words by Anthony Amoh

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